Macho men vs korean men

One thing I cannot stand is how the macho foreigner guys think that they are better than the Korean guys. I am not here to defend Korean men; I am just tired of having to explain the differences in attraction. When talking to friends and old flames back home, they seem to think making fun of the Korean style or lifestyle will hinder my attraction to them. ” Why date a feminine guy. You might as well date a girl.” How about the many European metrosexual that American women still faun over? Does it really matter if a guy is metrosexual or feminine? It really doesn’t to me. Why are we so quick to call Korean guys gay? We should be better people.

I had this one Italian guy staying here in Seoul who was very surprised that I date Korean guys, He had the nerve to belittle Korean men and claim that Italian guys are better especially sexually. See here’s the thing a douchebag is the last type of guy I would date. Period.

I have had my ups and down with Korean guys like I have with all the guys I have dated. The only difference is Korean so far have been the best at treating me well and accepting me as I am.

I think it’s important to look at someone and see the whole person that they are. Sure, I listen to Kpop and get a lot of crap for it. Whatever. I still find some of these guys attractive because a lot of them are incredibly talented. I don’t care that they wear makeup or have a particular style. Would I date a guy that looked like that in real life? Sure and would not care about other people’s opinion.

We are leading towards a more androgynous future and hating on people who don’t meet your expectations as a woman or man is an old way of thinking. You don’t have to like a person’s lifestyle; just keep living your life and mind your own damn business.


One thought on “Macho men vs korean men

  1. I love how honest this post is and I completely agree. Society holds us to expectations that are unfair, and sometimes do not even make sense. It’s hard for people to pry away from it, especially since we/they have already adapted. Hopefully, one day, we will start moving away from it all together.
    I am also happy to read about the Korean side, as I have no knowledge/information on how men/women in Korea act/what they like in regards to the relationship side of things. It is great to hear that you have been treated well.

    I have nominated you for the Liebster award. You can find/accept the nomination here:

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