learn Korean in less than 10 days!

So you want to learn Korean but when you start you run away because the language looks and sounds like a puzzle that you think you’ll never figure out. Wrong! It’s one of the easiest Asian language to learn. In fact the creator of the language, Sejong the Great, made it so easy in order to raise literacy levels in Korea; he stated “A wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days.” That’s right, it should not take you more than 10 days to get the letters down. No pressure!

I promise getting the alphabet down is incredibly easy and then everything else takes practice, practice, practice!

1) Learn the alphabet first

To make your learning quicker, I would recommend to start off learning the letters and sounds. Doing this first will make learning smoother for you because you will be able to read sooner and recognize the phonetic sounds. Don’t worry the Korean alphabet (hangul)  has no tones! It’s all phonetic so you can pick it up pretty fast.



2) Talk to me in Korean 

This podcast and website is amazing! They offer free PDF’s with a free podcast for you to practice your Korean and really get you speaking sooner. You can even download the free app and practice on the go. They really break down the language very well and also challenge you at the end of each level that you reach. Check them out at Talk To Me in Korean



3) Memorise

This app has been such a great tool to quickly practice Korean everyday. It keeps track of your progress and gives you reminders everyday to keep practicing. You can choose what lesson plans you want like just practicing the Korean alphabet or phrases.



4) Egg bun

This is a very simple but useful app if you want to practice texting in Korean. This can be really helpful for reading and typing Korean. Most Koreans text through a messenger called Kakao Talk so if you have Korean friends you’ll find it useful to be able to text them.


5) HelloTalk

Now after you have been practicing Korean for awhile then you should get on HelloTalk to chat with real Koreans. This app is free and allows people from around the world to engage in a language exchange. You can chat with many Koreans through texts, voice messages, or voice calls through the app. This will allow you to put all your hard work to the test! You can chat and post photos just like you would on Instagram or send DMs.



Alright, good luck!



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