Would You Choose the Road Over Love?

For many years I have found myself in this situation where I have to make a decision between my lifestyle and my future. I have fallen in and out of love many times in the last 14 years. These were great men from all over the world. I would always make some excuse about why the relationship had to end but they knew the what the true reason was. The road.

I think about my life now and where I am. I’m turning 31 this weekend and am living in Seoul as an English teacher. I took this job by mere chance just like most of the jobs I have taken in the past. I tend to stumble upon opportunities and have no fixed plan in life.

Am I too old to continue to live this way? Should I settle down? Do I want to have children? The answer to all of these questions is the same. Stop traveling. Stop doing what I love most. For me is like asking me to stop breathing.

In the end, travel is all I really enjoy in life and to give it up for a chance at parenting or being in a relationship is a gamble. Then again maybe I love living a different way more than I think…maybe. I really don’t know.

Yesterday I spoke to my ex-boyfriend in Dublin, Ireland. We met 14 years ago when I first began to travel. He was the one that gave me that spark to make my first trip abroad because I was in love. We stayed friends throughout the years and yesterday I told him “I think I’ll ask you to marry me later on.” He quickly replied “Lets do it.” Interestingly enough this long wait was not enough for him to forget his feelings for me. But am I ready for this?

Please share comments if you have had this predicament in any topic really because life decision are not easy. I would love to hear from others or read your blogs if you share similar experiences.


2 thoughts on “Would You Choose the Road Over Love?

  1. I LOVE THIS POST! This is pretty much how I feel every day- the struggle between following what society expects – i.e. finding a steady job in the states and settling down – versus what I want to do – i.e. try a bunch of different random jobs and travel non-stop – is super frustrating.
    I feel like if your heart is taking you around the world, or just doing what you love, then find the person whose heart takes them to the same places. Whatever makes you the happiest.
    Thanks again for the post and the feelings you put into words!

    1. THANK YOU! I chose having many jobs and traveling around the world and I don’t regret a thing! Make your own path in life because it’s yours and no one else’s to make for you.

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