Welcome to My Blog

Hello all and welcome to my blog. A little about me well my name is Kathy and I am a traveller. I grew up in Miami, FL and decided at the age of 17 that I wanted to see more. My family wanted me to get a job and start a relationship to soon have children. I had no interest in that life and started to research ways I could leave my home.

I found a lot of great resources and soon enough was off to start my travels. I turned 18 years old in the UK and have been traveling ever since. This week I celebrate my 31st birthday and 14 years of my nomadic life.

Do you think it’s over for me now? NOPE! I don’t have any intent of stopping this lifestyle. I decided to start this blog to share my experiences and hopefully motivate other females of all backgrounds to see the world.

Everyday I am told that I look like I’m 22 years old and it’s because I am so happy in life. It’s amazing how radiant you are when you make your own choices and go against other people’s expectations so that you live your own truth.

I will share everything I know to help some of you get on the road as well!

Please email me or comment below if you have any questions: ktsmilez86@gmail.com







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