Getting a Date in Korea

Dating can be the easiest thing to do in Seoul. Many women especially black women think that dating a Korean guy would be a difficult thing to accomplish in this city. Ummm…NO! It’s ridiculous how many single Korean guys there are who are ready to go on a date with you. Mind you I did not say it’s easy to meet QUALITY guys here but just dating in general is a no brainer here.

Alright, top methods for getting a date in Seoul:




We all know this special app that leads us to our “dream” guy or the next hook up. Well it’s just as popular here as it is back in the US. You will find a mix of people but generally they fit into four main groups: Koreans, teachers, military, and tourists. You can meet some pretty good people but I would be careful with the tourists because they are usually looking for a quick sexual encounter before they head of to the next place. All in all it’s still a hook up app here so if you’re looking for a K-Drama it’s quite unlikely that will happen on Tinder. You could try other dating apps here like OKCupid, Badoo, and Skout that are more geared to messaging than just swiping photos with no response.



Then we have this social language exchange app that is very popular in Korea. It has a social media feel like Facebook and Instagram mixed together where people are sharing language issues or stories. It’s not meant for dating BUT many people have met through this app. I dated someone from here and now we are very good friends. If you’re more interested in making a friend and then seeing where things can lead without the pressure of sex then this app is a really good choice. You’ll primarily meet Koreans on this it.



Lets just say that Seoul at night is a whole different ball game. The guys come out on a mission and of course so do the ladies. The wonderful thing about Seoul is that the nightlife goes right into the early mornings so you have ALL night to make a connection with someone. There are even many shops and restaurants that stay open all night so if you meet someone in a club you can easily head over for a chat and a bite somewhere nearby. The long hours are also great for changing your mind about someone because you can just jump back into a party! Now, depending on the kind of guy you’re looking for you should stick to certain neighborhoods of Seoul. I’ll go into details in a later post.

So these are, in my opinion, the best ways to meet someone quickly if you are trying to start dating in Seoul.  Good luck and happy hunting!






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